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Every woman wants to have long and full eyelashes. While there are multiple solutions available, not every lady has the time to deal with them, especially when getting ready for a day at work or a special event. In such a case, you can consider fake eyelash extensions. They are a revolutionary treatment that enhances the fullness, thickness, and length of your eyelashes. Their benefits include:

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They are Good for Natural Eyelashes

Most people think that false eyelashes damage natural lashes, which is not the case. Besides the impact on your look, falsies can also benefit your natural lashes. Unlike mascara which might make your lashes weak and brittle, false lashes are an alternative to minimize the impact on your natural lashes. They give them room to grow thicker and healthier over time.

A highly qualified stylist will correctly apply the eyelashes to ensure they perfectly fit and prevent damage to your natural lashes. The specialist will also advise you on avoiding things, such as rubbing your eyes, which might pull out both the natural and falsies.

Wear-Proof Makeup

When your emotions might be easily triggered, fake eyelashes will save you from getting your eyeliner streaked. They hold your look together and cannot bulge even if you shed a few tears.


Less is More

On the days when you’d want to look great without putting on a lot of makeup, fake eyelashes will totally save you. You can pop on a pair of well-blushed falsies and feel like a million bucks. They will add definition to your eyes and allow them to draw attention to the best features by adding length and volume to the eyelash line.

Help You Overcome the Morning Rush

Are you tired of doing your makeup in a rush, especially when you have a busy schedule and running out of time? Thanks to fake eyelashes. You can look glamorous and prettier in half time to better manage your time, especially in the morning.

Defying Aging Signs

Stress and aging are factors that will strip your youthful look away so easily. These are often reflected in your eyes. The great news is, that there is a way to keep your eyes from looking tired and weary, thanks to false eyelashes. They can help you conceal your tired eyes and the aging signs that might already be showing. Instead, they reveal a more vibrant and younger look.

Can be Worn All Day Long and in Any Season

Fake eyelashes are designed to be highly comfortable. You can wear them all day and night long with no inconvenience. The lashes can also be worn during winter or summer. Their glue is water-resistant, so the hot summer days will not ruin your lashes.

 As you can see, there are many perks of wearing fake eyelashes. Whether you want your eyes to look bigger, add depth and dimension, or want to try something else, falsies are the best way to go. Beauty Planet Microblading & Aesthetics can help you choose the best falsies to suit your desired look.

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