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Before applying for lash extensions, you must learn to choose the right eyelash hairs. Even if you’re An eyelash curler often looks like an intimidating metal gadget, the easy-to-use tool could work wonders for your eye look. Sometimes, rocking long and tick eyelashes requires the right eye curler. However, finding a curler that emphasizes your eyes and enhances the thickness of the lashes requires you to do due diligence. You can follow this guide, and your eyelashes will thank you.

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Consider Your Eye Shape

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to eyelash hairs. You are unique, so choosing the right extensions

Everyone’s’ eyes have a different shape. Therefore picking a suitable eyelash curler depends on your eyes’ shape. A good lash curler will follow your eyes’ natural curve and easily reach the inner and outer parts of the lash lines. Otherwise, you might end up with unevenly curled lashes and pinched eyelid skin.

If you have smaller eyes, flatter eyelids, or eyes with mono lids, an eyelash curler with a flatter curve will be the best choice. The curler can be placed right against your eyelids to fit the entire length of the lash line. Further, an eyelash curler with a wider clamp will be a safe bet for larger and rounder eyes. It can perfectly wrap around the eyelids and grab the lashes at once.

Heated or Regular Curlers

Traditional eyelash curlers are easy to use, as you only open the clamp by separating the handles and positioning it around your lashes. After closing the clamps around the lashes, they will be curled along the eyes’ curve.

Heated curlers come with a wand and comb head that runs on a battery. They are larger than the regular eyelash curlers and come at a higher price. They are a safe bet for people with fragile lashes. The wand also prevents you from accidentally pinching your eyes. Better still, heated eyelash curlers are more effective in curling and taming your lashes, especially the stubborn ones sticking in different directions.

Eyelash curler

ChooMetal or Plastic Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are either made of plastic or metal, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. As you might guess, metal eyelash curlers are sturdier and more durable, meaning they have a longer lifespan. If you travel regularly or plan to carry your eyelash curler around, the metal ones are less likely to break in your makeup bag. Plastic curlers are not as sturdy as metal ones, but they are ideal if you are allergic to metal and have sensitive eyes or skin.

The Bottom Line

 An eyelash curler is a staple in most women’s makeup bags. However, choosing the best eyelash curler can be pretty tricky. Just like everyone’s eyes and lashes vary, the right eyelash curler for you will also depend on various factors. These include your eye shape, lashes length, and whether you have a metal allergy or sensitive skin. The strength and vitality of your eyelashes are also vital factors to consider. A heated eyelash curler might be a safe option for fragile lashes that cannot handle clamp curlers’ mechanisms. You can consult with an experienced artist and factor in these elements, and you’ll b good to go.

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