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Did you know that with proper treatment, fake eyelashes can last up to eight weeks before falling out? But what is fake eyelashes extension? They are the strand-by-strand application of false artificial silk fibers to natural eyelashes. They make your years look larger, the lashes appear longer, and your face more feminine. Here are some of the eyelash extension mistakes you should avoid reaping all the benefits that come with the falsies. After all, knowing what will prevent your success when it comes to good looks is critical.

Not Choosing a Knowledgeable and Professional Specialist

Remember, you are trusting someone with your looks. Therefore, you should choose a specialist who knows their stuff when working around your eyes. Also, we all have different eye shapes. A good eyelash technician will have to understand different eye shapes and facial structures. These include structures such as your eyes’ depth, width, and shape. The technician should use their expertise to draw attention to the most refined qualities while concealing any faults. After all, you do not want someone messing with one of your best features.

Fake eyelashes

Using Substandard Products

Eyelashes are delicate to work with and can be easily damaged by substandard products. That is why you should choose a professional eyelash specialist who knows their work and chooses the best products for you. Your stylist should be well-versed with the types of lash extensions available in the market to recommend durable and aesthetically appealing ones.

Not Feeling Comfortable With Fake Eyelashes

Comfort is critical when it comes to all aspects of the beauty industry. When your eyelashes are done, they should completely feel natural. If you experience any discomfort, it means something is wrong. Leaving the issue unaddressed will only make it worse for you. Therefore, you should immediately consult with a professional stylist to identify the root cause of the problems and have them fixed.

Not Properly Caring for Your Fake Eyelashes

After having their eyelashes done, most people think that they can leave them alone. However, this is never the case. You need to do a few things to keep your lashes looking their best. For instance, you should avoid getting your falsies wet, avoid strong winds blowing through them, and try not to brush them. The reason for the don’ts is that the glue takes at least 24 hours to activate and dry. Your aftercare maintenance will be easier after the first 24 hours.

Not Taking the Time

Do not allow your specialist to rush through the appointment when getting your fake eyelashes done. You should make sure to have enough time for complete sets and infills. If you are new to falsies, ensure to allocate more time for a full consultation and comprehensive care instructions. If you do not allow enough time, you run the risk of making mistakes in the long run.

It is not challenging to achieve the beautiful and voluminous eyelashes that you’ve always desired. Just make sure to choose highly professional stylists with extensive experience and top-notch quality materials.

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