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Do you know that with eyelash lift you could wake up with perfectly curled and defined eyelashes without lash extensions? Lash lifts have been in the beauty industry for years and are a quick and effective way to enhance your natural eyelashes. It is a simple treatment that transforms your eyelashes, leaving you with fluttery and long-lasting curls. In this article, Beauty Planet Microblading & Aesthetics touches on the top benefits of eyelash lifting and why it could be a suitable solution for you.

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Enhances Your Natural Eyelash

Unlike other eyelash enhancement techniques, eyelash lifting works on your natural eyelashes. The technique uses a combination of silicon rods and top-grade solutions to lift and lengthen your eyelash into the desired style. There is no need to add other elements to your lashes, as a specialist will work with what you naturally have and ensure it look its best.

Suitable for Short Lashes

Advertising and social media make us think eyelash lifting is only suitable for people with long and thick lashes. However, this is not the case. Eyelash lifting is suitable for almost every lash length and thickness. That means you can get amazing lifting results from shorter lashes. A well-established salon will be equipped with small-sized apparatus that can maximize your results with no lash discrimination. If you are unsure, you can schedule a consultation with an experienced specialist to determine your eyelash lifting suitability.

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Eyelash Lifting Gives the Appearance of Longer and Darker Lashes

Lash lifting does it all. In most instances, when your eyelashes are in their natural form, they may be straight out from your eyelids or downward-facing, which makes their dimension short. Luckily, an eyelash lift curls and lifts the lashes giving them an appearance of longer and fuller lashes. After having a tint, your lashes will be darker, making this a perfect trio.

Fast Activating

Eyelash lifting is an excellent option if you have a busy life. This is because the treatment takes as little as 20 minutes. That means you can go about your routine tasks without squeezing a beauty routine into your already tight schedule.

Great Alternative to Eyelash Extensions

If you have had a severe reaction to lash extensions or could not keep up with the upkeep, eyelash lifting is the safest bet. The treatment requires low maintenance and is a faster alternative while still giving you the luscious natural feel. You also have the additional benefit of the treatment lasting throughout the life of your lash growth cycle, meaning your appointments for infills are not very frequent.

In Conclusion

We lead busy lives, and it might be challenging to take some time out for yourself as often as you would like and still feel glamorous. Luckily, eyelash lifting is a super quick treatment with lower maintenance. With the right aftercare, you only need to visit your favorite salon every six to 12 weeks. Further, with all the amazing benefits, lash lifting is highly addictive. This is because you can enhance your eyes’ appearance while maintaining your natural lashes.

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